Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia 

Home to the scenic Ohio River. 

This chapter of the ICC is for all. 

Professionals like architects and engineers, building code officials and code reviewers as well as anyone else who believes buildings should be made safe, healthy, functional and beautiful. Location is not a factor.

New this year to Ohio Coming to Pennsylvania in 2025 and a refresher for West Virginia

Friday May 17, 2024

8 AM to 4 PM

Virtual and in person

After taking this workshop, participants will:

• Find out what new codes Ohio now and in PA in 2025.
• Understand how to use the ICC website to research their accessibility questions.
• Comprehend the Building Blocks and how to incorporate them into their designs.
• Become familiar with the Building Codes; A117.1 v 2017 and Chapter 11 of the OBC 2024.

Many changes are coming our way, as we expand. Look for more information coming to this website. Trainings, like the one on May 17th, which is a hybrid being both in person and virtual, are just the beginning of how we are striving to make your membership mean the most.

Check back frequently for new features, like our Ask Henry feature which will be coming out soon. Our goal is to make your ICC-PCPA membership fun as well as informative, easy to use and helpful.

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